mamutHalloween is almost here again, and the children are already asking how many days until Halloween and deciding what they are going to wear this year.

This time I swore that I was NOT going to run to the costumes shop last minute to check what is left or just prepare a “homemade” one (big big big mistake), and I´m talking about my own costume, because the children already have quite a few costumes that they can wear (although not sure if they will want to repeat or not) and although I also do, I don´t want to wear the same thing again 🙂

The children are like me when talking about “dressing up”. I absolutely LOVED dressing up for ANYTHING, I still do, and when I talk about dress up I mean properly dress up, not what my mom says when she lovingly tells me “But what are you wearing?????”

This past school year, we had 2 “situations” were we had to “step up” and “see what happens”:

1st situation, school party, all the children get dressed up with the same costume in the class.

In Jon´s class the theme was “Lego”, and the children had to bring a cardboard box, so they could get inside it with the arms and legs out, and then some yogourt empty boxes, which they would stick to the box and then would paint the full thing all with the same colour.

At Alex´s class the theme was “Rock stars” and the children could go dressed up as Rock but they could wear whatever they wanted, so just feel free to imagination.

After I asked my husband to bring a nice box (empty!) from the shop, we managed getting it on the due date, so since he had it in the car´s trunk, we went to pick it up on the way to school that morning…. and…. OMG!!! There was not a bigger box!!! It was the biggest box ever!!!! It looked as if it was swallowing the child!!! and of course as soon as Jon saw it, there was no way back, he thought it was THE BEST BOX EVER, so that was it……!

During the next week, they had to paint the boxes all together in the class, (Thanks Lord, since if he had to paint “his” box on his own, he would have never made it), and that night, he come home saying that they almost finished the “white paint” just with his box, but since they didn´t tell him it was “too” big, we were all happy.

The day before the school party, they had the general rehearsal, and my friend´s daughter who attends the same school as my children, came back saying “Mommy, you know Jon, your friend´s son…. well, you won´t believe his box, is HUGE, it is the BIGGEST box of the whole school!!” So I started getting worried, more so, when Jon comes that night and he tells me “Mommy…. mmmmmm I think that “maybe” the box was too big yes….. because we have to dance and we have to make the “heart” sign with the arms and hands (showing me) but I can´t and I have to go inside the box to do it! And then we have to dance as a robot (showing me moving the arms from the elbows down) and I can only do this (moves the hands from the wrists)….”…. Wellll….. I must admit that we could recognize him perfectly between all the 100 Legos at the rehearsal!!!


Alex, since they didn´t have to “prepare” anything at the class, we of course left everything to last minute and just remembered “very last minute” that the rehearsal was the next day!, so of course I jumped out running (as usual) to the chinese shop around the corner (as usual) to try to buy “something” which reminded me to “rock something”. Thankfully, I found a dog chain and a dog collar, and with that, a torn Tshirt which we painted, my stud belt and his hair sprayed in orange…. well it made the day! Although the perfect complement was the cardboard “bass guitar” which my husband prepared, he was the “king”! When he got to the school with it, some other parents told my husband “Son of a b….!!!!” (Hey, who is the father of the year???? Who???)


2nd situation, big one, at the end of the school year. The children have some “Projects” where they divide them in groups and each group has to prepare the project about a “theme”. The project was “Ages of Mankind” and Jon´s “theme” was “Prehistory”.

So, there we are this Friday, having a drink with other parents after school, and one of Jon´s group´s friends mommy says “Oh well, I already have nice and ready the spears for all the group members, for the rehearsal (what rehearsal??? Oh oh…..), Ah! By the way Itzi, how are you going to prepare the “mammoth” costume”?

I almost spat my wine…. “Mammoth????? What do you mean “mammoth”??? “Which “mammoth”?????

The other “perfect mommy”: “Yes, silly, your son is the mammoth of the rehearsal. He has asked for it, he said “I have some ideas, my mom and dad will help me!” ”

I will kill him, I swear it, I will kill him, the rest of the “participants” just with some torn tshirts and some belts and we have to prepare a mammoth?????

Thanks God, my husband saved the day again and after 2 nights working (with Jon “helping”) with some materials we found in the chinese shop, we finally got a great mammoth mask (I glued the forehead hairs!), and even if Jon almost fainted breathing through that mask with that material, the rehearsal was a success and we got an “A”!!!


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