Lost Phone

Tfno perdido

Following up my horribilis week, I will use my weekly post to let you know to all of you who normally talk to me by Whatsapp (just in case you are wondeing why I don’t answer), that I have “lost” my phone (Yes yes, my iphone, where I have my whole life…).

Sunday night, at the airport, I left the phone in the security tray to go through the scanner, and I forgot it (I guess), and even though I came back running once I realised I didn´t have it, a “kind soul” had already nicked it.

It didn´t help that the police (when they saw how upset I was) allowed me to go out through security again to ask in the Checkin Gate (going “out” through security again is a NO NO), or that they made some phone calls to my phone to see if it sounded anywhere close (something they never ever do it either), or that they screened my bag in and out through the scanner just in case. Nothing, the phone was on, but we could not hear it ringing.

I was so upset, specially because I was in my way out of the Country and didn´t have anyway to contact anyone since all my contacts were there and of course the only phone numbers one knows nowadays are your husband or partner and your mom´s, so after trying my husband a couple of times unsuccessfully, I phone my mom (who is always there) and gave her the message of what had happened, and please please to give the message to my husband so he could go into my Mail contacts (sincronised with my phone, Thanks Gmail!!!) and contact my Taxi Driver to ask him to wait for me at the baggage claim instead than outside waiting for my phone call as he normally does.

It as a real pity that I didn´t have internet connection when I was looking for the phone at the airport. I had never used it but Apple (iCloud) has a very good utility (if you have it installed in your ipad/iphone of course), which can help locating your iphone, but I didn´t realise at the moment and when I landed in the UK and finally got to my destination where I could connect to internet, the phone was already switched off.

I even offered some money to “San Antonio” (I will explain how “miraculous” this Saint is in another post!), but I think I didn´t offer enough and even if I tried to “bargain” with him it was already too late!
So….. I didn´t get my phone back because I was too “tight” offering money… lesson learned!

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