Something about me



This is new for me.

Please forgive me if what  I write is not too organised, or a little bit chaotic (it will be in synthony with my mood) because this blog doesn´t have any objective in particular, just a little bit like a diary of special things that happen to me (MANY) or to recommend things that are interesting or good value for money.

First introducing myself, just in case someone comes in and doesn´t know me already…although  I don´t think so…

Let´s put it this way, I am a happily married woman, with 2 charming children 4 and 6 years old. (half of the time I would like to strangle them but that is another story)

I am an international consultant working in Finance-IT in a very demanding job and travelling  lot, so many of my stories will be about my travelling because always always always something happens around me.

 My husband is also a very busy working man with his own business, and I will recommend it of course in some of my future posts (If he gives me the ok!)

As you can imagine, and same as many of you, both of us have very extreme working schedules and we try to organize ourselves the best we can.

 I think my friends would describe me as a very energetic person, very positive (sometimes too much, more optimistic than realistic), happy, friend of my friends, hard working, team player and a good level of self steem (I just think you need that, and my friends, you need to work rasing your self steem if you want to continue being a happy, positive and optimistic human being).

I like helping my friends, I like being in the middle of everything, I can´t say “no” (although trying to work on this) and mainly I just LOVE to find this coupon, that nobody knows about or this shop or webpage with really good quality unexpensive things, and yes points points of any member card I could get (which I normally don´t need at all).

With this I finished my presentation, I know it probably was too long (I know some of you will say “as usual”), but I wanted you to know me before starting to read me.

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