Back to School Day 2


Forrado de libros
Next day, still in London, luckily (I had to confirm it with the “team”), Jon brought the first set of books to school, and it looks like the day is going ok…
Now I only need to wrap up in plastic (when I get home), the next set of books that he has to take to school on Friday. Books stay at school and are only brought home in special occasions so we were told that we had to wrap them up in plastic before taking them up to school the first day.

I left this “task” of wrapping up the remaining set of books, to my husband in the “To do” list of the Project Charter in the fridge!. Now I am going to open “Brackets” with the “Wrapping books” subject (especially for those of you that have not had the “pleasure”).

Do you remember the excitement with which we sat down with our parents when we were small and started wrapping up all the books for the new school year….
Well, that was it, “excitement”!!!!
Jeeeeez my GOD! How can this be so difficult!!!!! Or maybe the wrapping plastic that we bought is not the best one for the task (you know when you delegate things…. My mom bought a self-adhesive wrapping plastic paper).

Just before I came to the UK I asked my parents and my sister (who although living in Madrid she was in Bilbao for work and came to pay a visit), to help me wrapping up the books we had to take to school the next day.
I got home after work and I found a pitched battle: “You shouldn’t do this like this!, Don’t stick it just now, wait! Look at the “bubbles” in the book!, This wrapping paper is a piece of S…t!”, well…
when you look at this from the outside you just think “how incompetent my “team” is!” but then when you start trying to wrap up the damn books with the darn wrapping paper of s…t (as a reminder this was one of the tasks I asked my hubby to have completed for when I arrived from the UK…), then, you just say “Thankyou thankyou thankyou “my team” because they wrapped almost all books already (in better or worst shape but what the hell!).

As I was saying at the beginning of the post… message to my hubby in the morning: “Did you remember wrapping up the 2nd set of books?”, answer loud and clear “Aaaahhhh no!” (Did I put it in the “To do” list in the Project charter???). “And… did Jon take to school the 2nd set of books even not wrapped up with the plastic paper?”… “Mmmmmm no…..”

We are going to beat our own record, 3rd day at the new school and the only ones that don’t have the books there…..

Luckily next week I will be home and I can organize all this a little bit better (BUT we start with the “out of school” activities!!!!).

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