Well well well, as Britney would say: “Oooops I did it again!!”

Typical horror day, SO MUCH hectic work, and so many incompetent people just managed to get together and do their job incompetentely at the same time. Typical day that you want to strangle someone and then you realize that maybe the reason companies hire outsorced people so far away is so you can´t reach them and physcally strangle them….

Yes, typical horror day that you find errors everywhere, which you have not caused, that you have to solve, and nobody will thankyou for it and yes, all the storm will be centered at you anyway…. and in the middle of all this, I had to change my “hat” into the “mommy” one and run home to have lunch with the boys, also with a good friend who was also coming home for lunch and as “loving wife” since my hubby had to present his “Final Master´s project”, so I wanted to kiss him goodluck…

Just before running home, I stopped by a “Beauty” place, one of these places where they do nails and tattoos (you will probably think… mmmmm…. why would Itzi go to one of these places?… She said she had a hectic day and goes to do her nails???)

Well, actually, the reason is that a week ago or so, I went by this place and I saw that they also did “micropigmentation”, which is a posh way to refer to the tattoos (you will be still thinking ….mmmmmm… Itzi? Tattoos, I don’t think so…..).

This has quite an easy explanation, reason being “new ways of gaining time and increasing your selfsteem trying to get yourself a little bit more “pretty”!

I had been thinking about “tattoing” my upper eyeline for a year or so, I had seen it already in a couple of girls I know and I really liked it, moreover, I always always paint my upper eyeline and if I don’t, when I see at my self in a mirror I think I look as if I am half-asleep.

Right, then, as I was saying, a week ago, I stepped by and asked about the “micropigmentation” and they told me that the girl who normally did this had just gone, and would need to talk directly to her so she could explain, and that she only came to the place once a month, so I answered”A month??? Buff, I was thinking about trying it before then”, then they told me that they would call her to ask when she could come over.

Then yesterday, they phoned me and told me that the “micropigmentation” girl would be there today at midday and if I could make it, so i said yes (of course I didn’t know the hectic day I was going to have).

So, there I go, totally stressed, I’m going to meet my friend 10 min later to go home for lunch.I wait there for 2 min, and the place owner, tells me all smiles and friendly: “Your turn, you can go up” (Mmmmm, it doesn’t sound too good the “your turn” thing, but hey, i’m going up).

There she is, the “micropigmentation” lady, I’m sure she has done the eyes, the lips, and the eyebrows herself (Jeeez that must be difficult!), and it looks superb by the way! Of course she is also very pretty and that helps!!!

She explains to me that everything is very aseptic and clean, no blood, no injuries, it’s not like the typical tattoo… And while whe was telling me all those things….she is setting up the whole tattoo equipment there and I’m thinking…. (Mmmmmm, is she preparing all that suff for me????? I hope not!!!! I only came to get some information!) so, Just in case, I ask “Eeeemmmm right…. are you preparing that for me???” and she says “Yes of course!” (SHIIIIIIIT, now how do I come out of this one??? I talk about those outsorced people that nobody understand and I do the same!!! I guess there was a little bit of lost in translation with the girl the other day when I talked to her!).

So, since I feel so bad and embarrased of telling her that I don’t want to do it now, I send a sms to my friend saying “go home for lunch, the boys and hubby will be there”, then another one to my husband “I have a little bit of a mess, I will tell you later, good luck with your project! and give some kisses to the boys!), and then and there I have Tattoed my upper eye line!!!!!

Let’s see…

1) Does it hurt???

Well, to me it did, but I don’t think it is the normal thing, it normally is supposed to hurt as a laser, or hair removal thing (if you have experienced it), it is not so bad, although it depends how eager are you to do it (or how embarrased!). Since I was in a hurray I didn’t have enough time the anaesthesic cream in the eye lid and I guess that is why it hurt more.

2) Time

Around 30min, all together, although since it hurts, it seems longer.

3) Price

180eur, and it includes a second “retouching” a month later to leave it perfect.

4) How long it lasts

Between 3 and 5 years.

4) What next.

Cold water and drops in the eye.

My eyes were quite swolen when I finished and it was as if I had sand in the eye, but later on I was ok.

5) Final result just after finishing it (and my eyes are still swolen)


I will post another one when I do the “retouch” so you can see how it is finished!

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