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Even if I am not updating my blog lately because of lack of time, I am updating my spanish one and I translate the post son the english blog when I can since I don´t have as many “readers” as in the Spanish one. So before I forget, I want to share with you another one of Jon´s…

We started the school year ok, much better tan expected, of course with the usual, losing jackets, books, confusión of extracurricular activities, etc, but we are doing better each year.

We have already have a few “Notices to sign by the parents” from Jon´s new teacher, altough it seems that Alex is a “role to follow” (at least at school!), but thanks Goda all the “to be signed” are small silly things: “He has gone completely wet going out to play with Friends when it was pouring down”, “He has not done his homeworks…”, “He has called this and this to this other boy….”.

Exams have started too, and it´s not too bad. He has started quite ok, good grades so far, so better than last year, although it is also true that I am not travelling so much now and I am home to check the homeworks with them almost every day..

A couple of days ago, “we had to study” for the next day religion exam… and… he had not brought the book since the beginning of the school year because “he already knew it” and “he had been very focused and attending really well”, but “just in case” (and this time thanks to the School parents Whatsapp groups for once…), I asked someone to please send me whatever he had to study for the next day exam.

Well, it was easy, he had to study, and at a very high level, the differences between the Christiantity, Islam, and Judaism, also which were their “sacred” books, who wrote them, who were the figures they followed etc…

So, there I start to ask him the lesson “which he already knew”…

Me: “OK, tell me the symbols of Christianity, Islam and Judaism…”

Jon: “The Cross, the Moon and the Star” (Heeeey, it goes well so far!)

Me: “Christianity, who they follow, where they pray, which book they read…”

Jon: “They follow Jesus and God, they pray at mass (ok, an understandable mistake, mass-church), and they read the Bible (Heeeey, correct! Thanks God, he has been going to the weekly church school for 2 years already!)

Me: “Judaism, firstly, who they follow”

Jon: “Mmmmmmm….. RA !!! “ (Emmmm I think he has been listenign more to Social science than to religion)

Me: “No Jon… it´s Abraham and Moses… Next question: Where do they pray and which book they read?”

Jon: “We have not studied that!” (Right, he has not been so “focused” at school as he says…)

Me: “Synagogue and they read the Torah”, “Islam, who is their God?”

Jon: “Alá” (Ok ok here he was listening…)

Me: “And who they follow? Who teaches them what they should do?”

Jon: “Mmmmmm Ala…din!!!!!!” (Oh Shit, we are not going to get an “A”….)

Me: (trying not to laugh) “No, Jon no, Muhammad. And which book they read? You don´t know that either right? Koran”

Jon: “Ay yes Conan….. I think I remember that from a movie….” (Pfffff yes, I think he has to study “a bit more”!)

Well, after I transferred him back to my husband and explain everything to him again, it seems as if “something” stuck in and at least he would not fail the exam (come on, we are in a religious school..!) although, after asking him how was the exam he said “I am not sure but they asked me which where the 4 evangelists and that one I knew! Marcos, Mateo, Juan and Saint Ignatius!”

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