San Blas


Yesterday was San Blas.

For those of you who are not from Bilbao (probably all of you who are reading me here), I will inform you that San Blas is supermiraculous! Almost almost as miraculous as San Antonio, but only “almost” because San Antonio….. he is the best…. Yes, if you lose anything, and can´t find it you just pray him a little bit and offer to give some money to the poor people and sush! Whatever you have lost, you find!!! Even if you have been looking for it everywhere, it will appear in the less expected place. It works 99% of the times.

But… you have to be truthful and do what promised, bringing the money to the church to the poor people and you don´t have to be cheap because if you don´t offer enough he won´t take care of the task, but you can also offer more if he didn´t find the item and I swear it works, I have some amazing stories about it. My family and I we all are followers :-), lot´s of people laugh about it, including my hubby but they they laugh because they have not tried it or have not offered enough!

Right…. Enough of San Antonio!!! (I talk too much I know!) …. I was going to talk about San Blas!

San Blas is also supermiraculous too. On the day of San Blas, you buy some strings in different colors and you take them to church on that day to have them blessed. Then you have to wear them in the neck as necklaces for 10 days withough taking it off and on the 10th day, you just take it off and burn it.

If you do this, you won´t have throat ache in the whole year, and I swear it works.

I still remember (and so my friends who were working with me at the time do) I was a young naive girl going to the “big city” (Madrid) from Bilbao, and my company (Ernst&Young) then was based in one of the coolest buildings in town “Torre Picasso”, really tall and sleek intelligent building and by then you could still smoke inside the buildings…. My company was based in the 20th floor which was like wow.

Well, it was my first month working there, and I suddenly realized that it was day number 10th and I had not burned my San Blas string….so, there I was, picked up an ashtray, I took my string from my neck and I burned it with a lighter (they burn really well these strings) and suddenly….. all the fire alarms went off!!! The big thick steel firestop doors that separate the different areas closed down  and fall down of my chair, LET THE FLOOR SWALLOW ME!!

Thanks God everything stopped there because if the sprinklers had gone off…. Someone would have thrown me from the 20th floor window….. To say the truth, I never knew if the firefighters arrived (I guess so, since it is the policy) since I went down to the 29th floor to hide through the fire exit door….

But hey, I didn´t have throat ache in the whole year!!!!

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