Half school year has already gone… and finally Easter holidays are here. And I say Finally not because we, parents have holidays, not yet, just because we, parents have finally holidays of the children homework! And Yes yes, we know the theory, homework is for the children, they have to do homework on their own, and yes, that was the way we did it when we were children but now things have changed and we, parents are involved on the children homework. Yes, they do it on their own but we have to check that 1) they have done everything they were supposed to do, 2) Check what they have done and correct it, 3) If they have to study, we need to confirm they have learned what they were supposed to study, and well 4) if they have an oral they need to prepare…. Who do you think helps them with the summary of what they need to speech? Or a Project on something or some crafts…. Who makes the most of it? When you see what the children present, it is very clear who has done it (just a note, that is not our case, on number 4) we let the children do it and we just help them when they get stuck), and the teachers who are not fools should take that into consideration when giving the grades, or else it will just be so unfair with the children who have not done the tasks and their parents have, getting the best ones….!

Also, homework are more difficult each day, Hey! I had forgotten dividing by 2 figures, with decimals and fractions. Children also substract differently than what we did when we were their age, and you cannot “teach” them how to to it “your way” or you will be told off by the teacher.

Last week, my mom (who was a primary school teacher over the 32 years and who says that she is losing memory….), taught me how to know which number “fits” in the 2 figures division, and she reminded me of the “9 rule” to correct yourself the divisions and multiplications, “9 rule” do you remember it???? (By the way I don’t know how to tell mom now that I have forgotten it again….)

Talking about memory…. Oh well…. those of you who know me, you know that I am quite a disaster, me, my husband, but me mainly, and the children…..

We knew that Jon had inherited our “disasterhood” and he has been losing things since he was very very small, but now that he has a new orthodontic treatment, now is the worst ever. He has to take it off for breakfast, lunch, dinner and every time he is going to eat anything, and we have to twist a little thing in the device every week to expand it… .and I’m telling you, I’m going to be ruined!!!

1st week

  • School canteen. He forgets he has taken it off. He has put it in the trousers pocket and sat down.
  • Device broken in two.
  • Go back to the dentist. They understand it…. “Poor boy… he forgot”…. New device.

3rd week

  • Recess at school, he has some snack. He takes it off, puts it in the trouser and he never remembers about it again.
  • Device shows up broken in the trousers when I am getting the trousers into the washing machine.
  • Go back to the dentist. New device (with charge) because of misuse.

4th/5th week

  • After recess, after school cantine, after supper, he never remembers putting the device on again….
  • Dentist monthly check. “Well, I don’t see this going better…. (How the hell that is going to go better if he doesn’t put it on!), please tell the boy to remember he has to have it on all the time (Yeah right)

6th/7th week

  • Right, we are doing better. It seems as if the threats are having an impact and he doesn’t forget putting it on so often.
  • We are twisting the device every wednesday.
  • Dentist check. “Well, you are twisting the device on the opposite direction! You have to start all over again!”

8th week

  • Wednesday again, we are going to twist the device (to the appropriate direction this time) and the device doesn’t show up anywhere, he doesn’t forget where he left it.
  • Thursday and Friday. Looking everywhere, home, school, device does not show.
  • Dentist call. “Well…. We don’t know where the device is…”, “Pfffff, ok let’s wait o Monday and come again we need to prepare a new device “again” (with charge of course)”
  • Saturday, device appears in one of my handbags. How did it go in there? Absolute mistery (did I already talk about my memory?)

10th week

  • Device does not appear since Tuesday, he doesn’t know where he left it (I check my handbag just in case but it is not there…)
  • I go to school lost property, I find 2 sweaters, 1 jacket, 1 sports bag, and 1 umbrella which all had been lost for a month, but the device is not there.
  • Threat: No screens in one month if the device does not appear by Friday. Device appears last minute on Friday in the after-school drawing class (he goes to after-school drawing on Tuesdays and Fridays….)

12th week

  • 1st day of summer holidays in Ibiza, they are going to be there for 1 month, 2 weeks with us and 2 weeks with the grandparents.
  • His mouth is hurting, we check it and a small wire is set free in the fixed piece of the device he has (he says it has been like that for a few days already but he has not said anything until now!). We check again and he is getting a wound in the mouth so he cannot be like this. Looking into an emergency dentist in Ibiza, but where can we find an emergency dentist on a Sunday at 10 p.m?
  • My husband finally can set the fixed devide free. Obviously he cannot put the other device on until he is back to Bilbao.

16th week

  • August now. Back to Bilbao. Dentist visit the next day.
  • A new device has to be made but the orthodontist is off on holidays until September.

20th week

  • Starting all over again.
  • New device with charge because of misuse

HolyMaryMotherOfGod …. “can’t he get a device glued to his teeth???

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