This past week my two boys had a stomach flu so they skipped school one day and stayed home.

This is one of the few, very very few times that Jon has been ill and has stayed home (he never ever gets sick!, even the doctor on the few times I have gone there, just on the biannual checkups the asks why I haven’t taken him on the last 2 years, and I say “but why? They are never ill….”). Alex is also almos never ill although he has stayed home and skipped school a bit more than Alex.

Since they were punished without any type of screen or without using any tipe of techy gadget, I told them that they could play, read a book and tidy up their toy cabinets (and I think the punishment was more effective this time since it was the first time Jon had skipped school in the last 4 years…)

When they were tidying up their toys, I told them that we could give away some, and they said (like any other children would have) “Noooooooo” but then I proposed an alternative solution….:

They would tidy up their toys, and decide which ones they wanted to “sell” second hand. The toys should be in very in very good state and comple with all the pieces and if we sold anything, the “money” they would get it would be for whoever the original toy belonged to.

When I arrived at night, Jon had most of his toys aligned in the living room table, ready for pictures, and Alex just had a couple of them, and when Jon was not watching he would grab one of the toys and would put it in the cabinet saying in a quiet voice “No no, this one is for me”…. They asked for my phone to take the pictures, and when I got the phone back….. they had inserted some ads in “Wallapop” (I can see my genes there!)

When I reviewed the ads at night, I could not stop laughing reading some of the ads they had inserted, and you can see clearly the difference between Jon (my little sloppy one) and Alex (the perfectionist!)

Even is they still need to learn a few “tricks” from mommy…. the next morning (and I almost fall of my chair) I saw that 3 toys from Jon’s ads had been requested for!!! (A Mininerf, some toy binoculars and a pencil sharpener..(?)) and when I told him: “Jon, I think the Mininerf price is a bit cheap….” He answered me “No no mommy, I have ticked “Negotiable”, so I said “Well…. that means that they can challenge you the price but to a cheaper one!, not that you can raise the price!”, the poor guy, he almost panicked, he had put everything as “Negotiable” and very cheap. He has changed all the ads quickly to a higher price now.

I want to show you some of the ads they placed with the english translation of the description so you can see the difference between Jon and Alex. (And don´t miss the conversation with one of the buyers at the end of the post).

Jon – Mini Nerf: Insert the dart, stretch the lever and release!

Alex – Castle Logic: Try to build the castle in the file, and when you look at the opposite page you can see the solution. At the beginning is easier but when you go further is more difficult. The box is a bit broken but the game is in great condition!

Jon – Binoculars: Place your eyes and you see everything closer.

Alex- The hangman: This game doesn´t have nor “h” nor “y”, I´m sorry it came like that when we bought it. You can mix the tokens within the game. It´s fun!

Jon-Sharpenner: Sharp penner.

And I have to post this conversation of my son Jon with an amusing person who made as if she wanted to buy the binoculars:

Belen: Hi, I only have one eye, should I be able to use them?

Jon: Of course!! You just lay it down to one side and just put one eye on it!

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