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london-busAfter quite a bit without writing due to the hectic times of the 3 first months of the school year (just changed this first sentence from “1st trimester usual hectic times” after a good friend told me he thought I was pregnant after reading this!), I am retaking my “logbook”. A few days ago my boys asked me to tell them situations from when they were smaller and as I had everything here, I didn´t do the usual of telling them the same situations over and over again, as our parents normally do since they have forgotten all the rest. It is very nice to remember or to have in paper situations from our small ones which made us smile or laugh at the time(even if we wanted to strangle them) and they love listening to them.

Before I forget, I wanted to write down something curious so you can see how similar the children are and how adults change…. I am not sure if you remembered the situation I wrote a while ago when Jon´s teacher told him to write down a sentence with question marks which he wanted to ask a friend and he wrote down “Iñigo, why don´t you put your pants down and show me your bum?”…. Well well, the teacher underlined the sentence with all the colors of the rainbow, he was almost punished, he had to delete it and write another “nice” one. So, I was reviewing Alex´s notebook a week ago and I saw an exercise which said “Write down a sentence with the animal in the picture” and there was a kangaroo. Well, the sentence he had written down was “When I jump as high as a kangaroo oh how my bum hurts!” (Hey!!! There was no other sentence he could have written down but that??) but this time the teacher (different than Jon´s) had marked it down as “Very good”.

This year I am not writing down anything about Carnival, since we have not dressed up (yes, I know you don´t believe me since you know how much I like dressing up!). We decided to use those 2 extra days the children had free for Carnival and we went to London to visit our friends on an extended weekend. Just in case there was a drama when they found out that it was Carnival, I put a Hulk and an Ironman costume in the suicase (since we hardly had any luggage, (yeah right!)), but with the excitement of the trip and visiting our friends, (Thanks God) they didn´t realize!

After visiting our friends and staying with them over the wekend, on Monday we went to spend the day in London and I took the boys to my London office so that they could meet my colleagues, (which by the way they loved! And now they ask me about them when I am back from work !). One of my managers with whom I get along really well was around. He has worked with me since 2001 and we have gone through many different situations. I remembered another time when I went to London and Jon was very small, he was not even 2, and I was pregnant with Alex. I went into my old office to “introduce” my boy to my colleagues and I went into my manager´s office (with all my colleagues after me). When I was there at his office, Jon looked at him and he clearly said: “DADDY..”… OMG I almost died there and then, I was sooooo embarrassed! Why would he say that!!! Yes, my colleagues also almost died laughing…..

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2 Responses to In London

  1. Itziar says:

    LOLOL Glen!!!!
    Okok, I will modify the “translation” again so that I don´t scare anybody else.
    Yes, I think that colleague of mine is the one you guessed. Will tell him Hi from you.

  2. Glen Ryen says:


    Greetings from New Jersey! Let me just say that you threw me for a loop there with that opening ‘1st trimester usual hectic times’ comment. I had to check the Spanish version of the same post, as it wasn’t until I saw that “primer trimestre DEL AÑO” that I figured out you aren’t pregnant again. 🙂

    Hope all is well, and say hello from me to that colleague of yours (if it is who I think it is).


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