Basque day


Basque day, school party for the children, many activities, festivals and they have to go with traditional clothing from the Basque country.

As a unthoughtful mother but not a total disaster for once, I realised a couple of days ahead of time that Jon´s clothes were too small (so were Alex´s), and although I can get Alex with Jon´s clothes, Jon would not have any clothes to wear, and I swear, he would have a heart attack because he is like me and he LOVES dressing up with costumes.

I am not going to buy a full traditional clothes costume since I don’t think they will ask them to wear those many more years, so I check my contacts to see if anybody has spare clothes from an elder brother, but no… no luck….

I have a friend who “always” has a solution for everything, seriously she is like Mary Poppins (I tell her that she needs to reinvent herself and open a business, she could be like Mrs.Wolfy, children project´s solver (Like in Pulp Fiction but for underage). Sooo she tells me not to worry, use a white shirt, jeans, and some accesories that look like the traditional stuff they have to go for, that she always does like that, so there I go, one problema solved.

Basque day itself, I geta ll my stuff and start “distributing”: Jon takes the jeans, White shirt and the traditional neck scarf, sash and beret; Alex takes the jeans, white Tshirt, traditional basque shirt, and extra sash I had and well, apart from the getting the sash the right way by the hips-waist (next time I have to check in Youtube) and that it looks a bit clumsy, they looked pretty well and happy, although when my husband got to school to drop them, he said to me that Jon´s head could not fit in the beret, and I say.. “did he not think on passing them the beret to Alex instead???” Pffffff

Second test, had to bring some typical-traditional snack for lunch.

This time it was easy, we had been ask what to take and Jon had been nominated with “Black Sausage” so Great! Something easy for once! And he hade ven communicated it with time in advance, and thoughtful mother (read: me) had confirmed that there was one in the freezer, although just in case I didn´t, supergranny was ready to fly to the supermarket to buy one.

Soooo, 2 min before leaving to school, I wrapped it in foil paper and gave it to Jon to put it in his backpack and then…then….he says: “It´s too small!”, Well, you know what? Too late!!! It is what it is, too late to ask supergranny to come over and too early to go to the supermarket so, since you everybody is going to take something… I´m sure it will be enough! Soooo gogogo!

Then Alex, tells me “I also had to bring some typical food!!!” Now yes, I´m going to kill one…. I don´t have anything!! Ah I know, I had stew ready to cook for lunch, all the ingredients in the pot already (raw), so I picked up the “chorizo”, put it in the pan for 2 minutes, found the leftover baguette from yesterday, made a hole and inserted the “chorizo” there. There you have “choripan” (pan = bread) and you can see in the post pic that it is something typical too. And with the rest of the chorizo, a typical “chorizo omelette” (where is the omelette not typical?), there you go!!!!

Jeeezez, just time off, but heeey I … .the test. Actually I was going to say I passed the test, if it was not because my husband when arriving to school with Alex he called me saying that the food had to be for “all the class”!!!! Yeah right! And… .when Jon came back home in the afternoon and I asked him how was lunch? he replied “But mommy!!!! The black sausage was RAW”, I said “But you were not going to cook it at school?  did you tell me if had to be cooked? You said Blak Sausage, not roasted or boiled black sausage!!!” so he replied “But mommy how are we going to cook a black sausage in our classroom? My teacher has screamed so loud when she saw I had a raw black sausage that everybody in the rest of the classes knows about it now….”

Well…. What can I say…collecting points for “mother of the year” tittle….

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  1. Lenore Cark says:

    children have a way of not giving the whole request from the teacher all at once, it comes in bits and pieces just to make moms crazy.

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