RegordetasMonday again, after an exhausting weekend, monday as many mondays when the only thing you want to do is “rest” off the weekend, and you want to go back to “routine” again.
And when I say “routine” I talk about food! (not about work!!!), after being stuffing oneself up, since Friday midday (diet now forgotten since weekend is coming!)… then… “in for a penny… in for a pound!”
Sometimes I think that I am a little bit crazy because I really “look forward”(!!!) to start my diet again, and not just because my “angels” (read my small ones) in an absolute sincerity moment tell me: “Mommmy…. you are a little bit fatty again, you need to go back to your diet” (that is my youngest one, very sincere himself) and then the eldest one, since he knows better, and is a little bit more diplomatic there…. he softens it up…. “Well Alex…. just a little bit eh?”
This reminds me somethign typical (again from my angels), which, we, women, seem to be looking for:
– New dress, make up on, just freshly washed hair, leaving to work… my adorable youngest one comes running to see me and says: “Mommmy!!!! You look PRETTY!!!” ” (He is SO CUTE! I could kiss him to death!)
Then his (unwise) mommie´s answer….:” Yes darling????? Really????? You like it????? (now it comes the 64 million dolar question….), and the dress doesn´t make me look fat, does it????  (Tachan……..tic tac tic tac…..)”
But himself, just being 4, and without falling into the trap, very seriously answers: “Nooooooo, the dress doesn´t make you look fat!!!! the belly does!!!!” (Aaaaaaahhhh why did I ask!!!!!)
Another funny situation, about a month ago, this time not to me but to one of my good friends (luckily she was a very good friend!), who also made the mistake of asking about her looks…..
A very cozy scenary, my 2 boys sitting down in the living room floor with my friend and her best friend, her doggy Toby, who had come to pay us a visit.
My boys playing with the doggy wanted to give him some dinner and my friend was saying to them that no, better no food…
My boys “But, why can´t he eat??? He is hungry!”
My friend: “Well, because you have to control which food you give him, we don´t want him to get ill or fat right?, It´s the same as when mommy or me get into a diet so we don´t gain weight…. look, do I look fat?” (Noooooooo, BIG mistake, WRONG question! , I just make the sign NO NO NO don´t ask that, I was just visualising the answer…!!!)
My small angel, thinking about it, and looking at my friends “belly”, answers very seriously….. “YES”.
And then, there he goes my other “diplomatic” one, because being 6, he knows how to “fix” these things….”No Alex, no, those are the BOOBS!”
After these “situations” I am “teaching” my little “angels” how to be real diplomatic and “twist” the reality without lying, (because noooo lying, you don´t lie…..) and now they know that women are not “old” nor “Missus” but “Mrs.” or “ladies”  and they are never fat, but just a little bit “chubby”.
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