1. ViolinTravelling again, this time a little bit longer, monday to thursday, and without any notice, but a working-modern-travelling-mother woman has to be prepared to do every last minute changes to cover all the meetings and apointments that were already scheduled for this week since “she was going to be home”.

Pity that I had to skip the 4th year doctor revision with Alex since he had to had some shots so couldn’t do the “heal, heal, little frog’s tail…” thing, but granny has covered so everything cool. Also, 1st “church” meeting for Jon’s 1st communion preparation, and neither my husband nor me could attend, that is a more difficult one, so I’m sending my sister in law (and please please I hope they don’t tick the names)….  And last but not least and this is just imposible to be covered by anyone, is my Tattoo retouching, that I have to do it yes or yes so that it lasts (by the way, I am in love with it!!!). I will send you how it looked once all finished.

Today an absolutely crazy day, couldn’t even leave my chair to go to the bathroom, no lunch, no dinner… (sad sad), I had a call from Jon’s music teacher (Oh oh…. she has never called me, what did Jon do this time???). Well, he was just calling to inform me that my 6 year old has “decided” that he wants to study violin… VIOLIN!!! and that he is absolutely convinced that it is the instrument he wants to study (how can that be? he has never seen a violin in his life!), so I ask her if he has tried other instruments and she says yes, that they have tried several instruments, but the flute because of sanity/health… (mmmm I really don’t care about sanity/health if there is a posibility of him chosing the flute over the violin!!! Jeeeez, I don’t see it… I don’t see it….). And of course, he has to buy a children violin (of course I’m going to look for a second hand one… no way I’m going to buy a new one to my little disaster…).

Then, I get an email from the school teacher saying she wants to have a meeting with us… (noooooooo), I start to investigate during my nightly Skype/Facetime (modern family…!) and I finally find out that he has been punished for over a week sitting next to the teacher because he couldn’t stand quiet…. of course I have to say something to him as a good mommy, but what can I say if I at his same age I was punished without a chair at school for a month (!!!!!) because I would not stop quiet…… like mother, like son.


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