Having children


It´s funny how children realize about things that we are not even aware of….
Everybody who has older children than yours tells you: “Be careful with what you talk about because they are alert listening to everything now….”, but many times you find out that, because of those things they listen without you explaining, they learn more than what they would do at school.
A while ago, when Alex was 4 and Jon was 6, I got home at midday for a quick lunch with them (something I do when I can, i.e almost never), and they had been playing at home until lunch time. Then as it usually happens when I get home, it is Alex who comes quickly to give me a hug and a kiss, and he tells me: “Amaaaaaaatxuuuuuu (which is the basque word for muuuumyyyyy), look look, we are playing to “having children” look look” and there he is with a teddy bear under his Tshirt… “Look look, Jon Jon, let´s continue!”
So, there they go, they lie down in the sofa and cover themselves with a blanket, and Alex says “Ok Jon, now it´s the night, we are going to rest and in the morning we have the child” and they both play as if they were aslept.
15 secs later, the night has finished and Alex says “OK, now we are going to have the child, come on Jon, help me!” he raises the Tshirt a bit, Jon goes there grabs the Teddy bear by the legs and he starts dragging it, and Alex starts crying “Aaaaahhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhhhh” so I say “But Aleeeex, what are you doing!! What is wrong!!!!” and he says “I´m having a baby, and it hurts a lot!”
I was shocked!!! but how the “xxxx” did he learned about that??? I only told him about the baby in the belly and the umbilical cord to feed the babies, and I don´t even know how I wriggled out “The Question”: “And how do the babies get into the belly???”
Then he answered “Well mommy, Of course, in the new Superman movie that we watched with granda! When mommies have children in the TV it hurts a lot”””
Holly Molly!!!! I dont´remember seen that in any Superman movie!!!! I have to watch that again…. and I have to talk to “granda”!!!!!!……
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