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Many of you know that I have “tried” to talk in english to my boys since they were born. I do believe that even if the “accent” is not the ideal one, if they get used to a second language since very little they will have less problems later when trying to learn it.

My small one, he has been more tricky. I have not been able to talk to him so much in english as I did to the other one, reason being that most of the times I am just “shouting” to him: “No! No! No! Dón´t do this!! No! Shit!”,or some spanish expressions that don´t even have an english translation!.

However, to the elder one who is now 6, I talked to him only in english until he was about 3,5 years old, and after that half and half, and the difference between the two (I did half and half to the small one since he was born), on how they understand and speak is amazing.

How to solve the “accent” issue (obviusly I don´t have a “proper british” accent), this is an adivce that you can also use.

You, the ones that are reading me in english, of course don´t need these advices, but if you want your children to start with a “second” language, and this language being i.e Spanish, you can try what I do.

Since they were very very small, they only watch the TV in english, and normally not even “TV” but just movies that they watch, downloaded by me in Dual mode (spanish and english), so normally when we switch on the TV we just choose one movie and there it goes, in english. They are now used to watch the movies in english and don´t complain, even if they don´t probably understand the whole thing.

I get mad with some of my friends, because this is so easy to do, and even the TV here, you can switch the language to “english” in most of the programs, and if they don´t do it is just because they are lazy, or because the child complains “I don´t understand” and then they change it back to “spanish”.

Well, of course they don´t understand “now” but they will start to understand soon, and what I say is “english or no TV, you choose”, so then the answer normally is “TV”.

What I have done is that until my older one was 5, the TV-movies were always in english, and after 5, then if it is TV and cartoons, then just in english, but it is a movie, I let him watch it just the first time in Spanish and then after that just in English.

I don´t know if you are aware of many “language” studies which say that if a child has been exposed to a certain “native” accent regularly up to when they are 4.5 years old, they will be able to speak in that language with that specific accent. But if not, it is almost imposible that they get a “native” accent no matter how hard they/we try.

Sooooo, all this said, for you, the ones that want to try to have a go with spanish as second language, I will be sharing all my cartoon movie collection, all in Dual mode, meaning that you can switch from English to Spanish just by changing the “Audio” channel.

I will be sharing 2 movies each week, normally a “modern” one and a “classic” one, and I will update the list of the movies I am sharing and the ones I have already shared.

If you come here late or you are new to me, and you want a movie which has already been shared, send me an email to “” or leave a comment here, and I will send you an individual link to you for that specific movie.

The list of movies I will be sharing you can find in the “Movies” Page.

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  1. Bernadette Hennessy says:

    What a wonderful idea and blog, I will definitley be a follower. I would love Nancy to learn another language and will be looking out for the cartoons.

    Thank you!

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